The Basic Facts Of Quest Bars

Recently i known as Quest Bars the Best Protein Bar within my 51 “What’s The Ideal? I think it’s necessary to take it a step additional. Quest Bars are incredibly beyond some other protein bar, in terms of overall health, that they can are worthy of their particular solo phone-out, although ” Exercise And Nutrition Inquiries, Answered In A Series post.

In real-planet phrases: they are Michael Phelps in Beijing, circa ’08; other protein bars are definitely the guys that did not even qualify…for the Olympics. Virtually blown out of your water.

95% of protein bars are “healthed up” sweets Bars. To diverse degrees, they normally use their great protein content as marketing and advertising to cover up the overwhelming volume of saturated fats, sugars, and synthetic elements camouflaging within. Let’s play a little activity.

Below are nutrition facts for Bars A, B, and C, other than I’ve removed their proteins information:

Bars A – 400 energy, 10 g fat, 6 g unhealthy fat, 29 g sugar

Bars B – 300 calorie consumption, 8 g fat, 4 g saturated fats, 25 g glucose

Bars C – 270 unhealthy calories, 14 g excess fat, 5 g saturated fats, 28 g sweets

If you had to pick, which would you say will be the best? Unhealthiest? It is a toughy.


With their healthy proteins content stripped out – 31 gr and 20 grams, respectively – the Achieved-Rx Large 100 Huge Protein Bar and ProMax Protein Bar are literally absolute garbage. They have similar dietary information like a snickers, plus they’re basically full of Far more artificial sweeteners.

And when you are doubtful, considering “blah blah blah that is not reasonable, they have got protein, you’re evaluating apples to cantaloupes,” okay, go ahead and consume every Snickers with a whey protein concentrate shake – collectively they are nutritionally identical to the Met-Rx Bars.

Could you take into account that combo wholesome?

Do not be enticed by the advertising – proteins is wonderful, but it is not that great. I usually suggest whole food items (species of fish, dairy food and fowl and so on.), pure whey protein natural powder, and then Bars; as a way of nourishment and overall wellness.

Quest Bars turn that picture about by using a protein bar that splits the marketplace mildew. They are uber wholesome and they also preference very good, as well.

Quest Protein Bars

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Quest Bars can be most likely the best protein bar. They have acquired 20 grams of HQ whey/dairy health proteins isolates – the most natural, most digestible type of healthy proteins powder – below 4 gr of internet carbs, as well as a WHOPPING 17 grams of fiber.

The fiber content comes by means of Isomalto-Oligosaccharides (IO), a vegetation-derived prebiotic (a no-digestible factor that encourages microbial exercise in the gut) that does not only minimizes craving for food and maintains the waistline trim, and also important improves digestive system health insurance and “stool productivity.”¹

You need to do the math.

I’m also definitely googoo-gaga around the fact that Quest Bars are made from near 100% all-100 % natural ingredients, including a Stevia-sweetened range. Lo Han Guo (I confess, I needed no idea what it was till I reviewed it) is definitely an plant-derived sweetener just like Stevia – therefore it matches the au natural invoicing.

If you have tummy concerns stick to the line of Bars without the need of erythritol. Despite the fact that it’s the healthiest sweets alcohol offered, it may cause some bloatedness and mild abdomen discomfort.

Quest Bars come in 11 tastes, which includes:

Coconut Cashew

Vanilla Almond Crunch

Delicious chocolate Peanut Butter

Apple company Cake

Sugar-cinnamon Roll

Dark chocolate Brownie

Strawberry Cheesecake

Merged Berry Satisfaction

Peanut Butter Superior

Citrus Creme Cake

PB And J


As far as protein bars go, Quest Bars are best-in-course. A combination of high quality pure whey protein isolates, an enormous 17 gr of fibers, healthful fatty acids, and a short listing of all-natural ingredients easily make Quest Bars the best all-around protein bars on earth.

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