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Recently i named Quest Bars the Ideal Protein Bar inside my 51 “What’s The Best? I do believe it’s essential to carry it one step additional. Quest Bars are incredibly far beyond every other protein bar, regarding health, which they deserve their own solo phone-out, though ” Exercise And Nutrients Queries, Answered In A Single Series report.

In real-world terms: they are Michael Phelps in Beijing, circa ’08; other protein bars are definitely the people that didn’t even qualify…for the Olympics. Virtually blown from the normal water.

95Per cent of protein bars are “healthed up” sweets Bars. To varying diplomas, they normally use their higher proteins information as marketing to mask the mind-boggling level of saturated fats, glucose, and man-made substances hiding within. Let’s perform a bit activity.

Listed here are nutrition details for Bars A, B, and C, with the exception that I have taken away their protein information:

Bars A – 400 calorie consumption, 10 g extra fat, 6 g unhealthy fat, 29 g sugars

Bars B – 300 calories, 8 g body fat, 4 g saturated fat, 25 g glucose

Bars C – 270 energy, 14 g extra fat, 5 g unhealthy fat, 28 g sweets

Should you have had to pick out, which will you say may be the most healthy? Unhealthiest? It’s a toughy.


Using their protein articles removed apart – 31 gr and 20 grams, respectively – the Achieved-Rx Huge 100 Colossal Protein Bar and ProMax Protein Bar are literally definite rubbish. They have the identical dietary account like a snickers, in addition they’re actually loaded with Considerably more sugar substitutes.

And if you are hesitant, thinking “blah blah blah that is not fair, they have proteins, you are looking at apples to cantaloupes,” great, just take in each Snickers using a pure whey protein shake – jointly they’re nutritionally identical to the Fulfilled-Rx Bars.

Would you take into account that combination wholesome?

Never be enticed by the marketing and advertising – protein is good, but it’s not too nice. I always recommend complete food (dairy, chicken and species of fish and so forth.), pure whey protein natural powder, then Bars; as a way of nutrients and overall health.

Quest Bars change that formula around using a protein bar that splits the industry fungus. They’re uber healthy and they also taste very good, as well.

Quest Protein Bars

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Quest Bars are quite probably the best protein bar. They have got 20 gr of HQ whey/milk products health proteins isolates – the most natural, most digestible kind of protein powder – beneath 4 gr of internet carbs, along with a WHOPPING 17 grams of dietary fiber.

The dietary fiber comes in the form of Isomalto-Oligosaccharides (IO), a grow-produced prebiotic (a no-digestible ingredient that energizes microbe activity inside the gut) that does not only lowers craving for food and maintains the waist toned, and also considerable increases digestive health insurance and “stool production.”¹

One does the math concepts.

I’m also completely googoo-gaga over the fact that Quest Bars are produced from near to 100% all-100 % natural ingredients, such as a Stevia-sweetened collection. Lo Han Guo (I confess, I had not a clue what this was until finally I explored it) is undoubtedly an herbal-extracted sweetener much like Stevia – thus it satisfies the au natural charging.

In case you have belly issues stay with the line of Bars without the need of erythritol. Despite the fact that it is the best sugars alcoholic beverages offered, it may cause some bloating and gentle belly irritation.

Quest Bars may be found in 11 flavors, which include:

Coconut Cashew

Vanilla flavor Almond Crunch

Dark chocolate Peanut Butter

Apple Pie

Cinnamon Roll

Dark chocolate Brownie

Strawberry Cheesecake

Blended Berry Satisfaction

Peanut Butter Superior

Citrus Creme Pie

PB And J

Bottom line

Journey Bars would be best-in-course, in terms of protein bars go. The mixture of high quality whey protein concentrate isolates, a MASSIVE 17 grams of fiber, healthful fats, and a short selection of all-100 % natural ingredients easily make Quest Bars the ideal all-around protein bars on the planet.